Mare Vint "Brick Wall" (1977), lithography, Estonian Art Museum.

The exhibition ending date was changed to February 20. The show is exceptionally closed from 6 to 14 February.

“Nothing but Time”, a solo show by Estonian artist Mare Vint, curated by Francesco Tenaglia, will be opened on January 22 at Goswell Road, Paris. The exhibition is produced and organised in collaboration with the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Mare Vint (1942-2020) was an Estonian graphic artist whose work mostly focuses on the depiction of “ideal landscapes,” in an attempt to capture a perfect synthesis between nature and man-made structures, allowing her to create scenes which appear familiar to viewers, but which do not exist in reality. Curator Francesco Tenaglia writes in the concept: “We are left with this world, the images that compose it are the moments of its momentary persistence saved on paper. Scrolling chronologically through Mare Vint’s production we witness —in the images pouring into other images, in their memories reincarnated into slightly different memories—the mutation that, even in our mind, produces monuments out of remembrances or suggestions.”

Vint’s emergence in the late 1960s coincided with changes in the strict political regime of the Soviet Union which also brought about a shift in the Estonian art scene. Mare Vint was part of the local avant-garde movement which had close connections to the Russian underground artists of the era. During 1970s and 1980s, Vint participated extensively in international biennials, despite the fact that the Soviet Union prohibited artists from sending their works abroad.

“The exhibition stems from the fact that I have periodically found myself returning to Mare Vint’s work: it possesses an unequivocal charm and, at the same time, resists any attempt at classification. I hope that the exhibition in Goswell Road – a precious space for artistic research in Paris – can contribute to the broadening international awareness of the extraordinary world imagined by Mare Vint,“ says Tenaglia.

Francesco Tenaglia writes about culture for Italian and international magazines. He is the artistic director of Sgomento Zurigo exhibition space (Zurich) and organizes exhibitions: among the most recent Il Ghirigoro (Los Angeles, 2020); 1550 San Remo Drive (Athens, 2020); Il Sindaco del Rione Sanità (Naples, 2020) and Cosmopolitan Haze (Berlin, 2020). He is on the board of the non-profit space Almanac Projects (London and Turin) for which he organizes a series of conversations on curating, he teaches Critical Writing at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan.

Goswell Road is a non-profit artist-run space and publishing house, set up in November 2016 by Franco-British art duo Ruiz Stephinson in their studio.

Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art is the oldest centre of art expertise in Estonia, creating possibilities for Estonian artists and within the Estonian art field since 1992. The CCA is also the commissioner of the Estonian pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The CCA actively participates in the Estonian art scene by curating and organising exhibitions and other art events, and publishes an online magazine.

The exhibition runs until February 20 and will be accompanied by a publication.

We wish to thank: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Embassy in Paris, Gristel Mänd, Elnara Taidre, Ivar-Kristjan Hein, Ava Express

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