“Normal Noughts. Perspectives on Estonian Art of the 2000s” is a reader about Estonian art scene in the 2000s. The decade has been described by several contributors of this book as more conventional and professional, compared to the 1990s. However, the 2000s was still a time of many new unexpected developments and challenges, until today not yet thoroughly researched.

Art theorists and historians Anu Allas, Maarin Ektermann, Eero Epner, Indrek Grigor, Mari-Liis Jakobson, Kaarin Kivirähk, Epp Lankots, Anneli Porri, Rebeka Põldsam, Tõnis Saarts, Maria-Kristiina Soomre and Margus Tamm are giving their perspectives on the society, generations, DIY-practices, professionalisation, art scene outside Tallinn, architecture, art market, gender perspectives and art writing of the 2000s art scene in Estonia.

“Normal Noughts. Perspectives on Estonian Art of the 2000s” is part of a book series, published by CCA. Previous editions include “Lost Eighties” and “Nosy Nineties”. The book is published in Estonian and English, designed by Jaan Evart.

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