Eva Mustonen, Teemantmaja. Näitusevaade, Tartu Kunstimaja, 2017.

Eva Mustonen (1986) is an artist interested in the materiality of the artwork and storytelling through texts and visual images. By combining techniques of textile art and everyday objects, Mustonen often highlights personal stories. Her works can be seen as belonging to the feminist tradition, where private stories are also imbued with a political voice.

With the exhibition “Everyday Poetry” (2014) Mustonen described inward-looking existential themes. Working with textile, used objects and texts, she created fragmented narratives that at times converged into a larger series, at other times were no more than a singular signifier of a quotidian sentiment. In her solo show “Looks Promising” (2015) Mustonen exhibited tapestry alongside installation and text – together these three elements mapped out the rushed route from the beginning to the end-point. Mustonen often approaches weaving intuitively without a pre-prepared design, thus relinquishing the traditional time-consuming weaving process.

Mustonen’s work is especially remarkable in its sensitivity towards craftsmanship and materials and their combination with everyday objects. The central theme of her exhibition “Diamond House” (2017) was home and a playful reconsidering of both that notion and the displayed materials. By combining women’s clothing, household appliances, a tea set and cleaning products, Mustonen stages delicate micro dramas that provide a glimpse into the artist’s everyday life.

Eva Mustonen studied textile design at Tartu Art College (BA, 2010), textile art at University of Gothenburg (2012, MA) and at the department of sculpture and installation at the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA, 2018). She has participated in group exhibitions in Estonia, Sweden and Lithuania. In 2019 she was a resident at the Rupert Residency Program. In 2014 she was awarded with the Young Textile Artist Award and in 2017 the Eduard Wiiralt Stipend. In 2021 Mustonen undertakes a residency at WIELS Contemporary Art Center.


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